Bus     ads
. Bus ads is a public and useful media in the world, especially in Iran because many people use it for daily commuting. Advertising on the bus is like advertising on a motional and multidimensional billboard. 3 main features of this advertising method are:
1. Less budget, more effect
2. Optional access to the aimed audience
3. Capability of multi dimensional advertisement
Bus ads renting tvLink in Mashhad :
* The tvLink for each bus is
6000000 T per month.
* The expense for the print and installation of each bus based on the length of the sticker:
estimated about 500000 T to 2000000 T.
* The routes can be chosen under the agreement and based on the routes ruled by the bus transportation system of Mashhad.
based on the
number of buses.
Number discount
10 10%
30 20%
50 25%
75 30%
100 35%
150 40%
based on the
duration of use
duration discount rate
less than 6 months 0
6 months 10%
9 months 15%
12 month 20%
* Discounts are cumulative and the table of monthly discounts is added to the table of the discounts based on the number of the buses in a stairway manner.
* Discounts are calculated based on the net pay and all legal deductions are added to this amount.